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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
SupraNaturas feature handmade designs that are detailed with all-wood binding and trim, wood inlaid rosettes, and wood bridges and endpins. SupraNaturas come with a modern thin profile neck that is inlaid with two rails of carbon graphite for stability and sonic balance. In the U.S. tradition, necks and bodies are finished separately with nitrocellulose lacquer and hand fitted with a bolt-on neck joint, allowing for easy repairs.

Model variations include a Venetian cutaway, providing easy access above the 12th fret for a nylon-string classical guitar and the 14th fret on a steel-string acoustic guitar. Walden Natura acoustic/electric guitars are equipped with Fishman Classic 4 active electronic pickups and SupraNatura's feature the Fishman Matrix Natural II.
A wide range of steel- and nylon-stringed instruments is available in full and OM body sizes, with a choice of Sitka spruce, Engelmann spruce and mahogany soundboards offering a variety of tones. African mahogany, renowned for its stability, is used on all Walden guitar necks. Solid rosewood fingerboards and bridges, dovetailed neck and body joints, and a two-way adjustable truss rod are standard on all models. Each guitar is complemented with pearl logos, inlaid wood and abalone rosettes.

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by: MusicLandCentral

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