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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Features : 9
I got this in the red transparent finish. (Always liked that look, seems classic for this model). Always wanted a 335 style guitar. The spec have already been coverd numerous times, so I will forego that. Switches, tuners, bridge, etc. all seem to be of very good quality. Much better than I expected from a guitar in this price range. It came with no manual (been playing so long that I really didn't need one), a cheap guitar chord, and allen wrenches for bridge adjustments.

Sound : 10
I play just at home for fun these days. I have been playing since 1960, (amazing even to me!). I played in bands on and off since that time. Started out, of course, in an early rock & roll band. Even had a local hit song on the radio in the Chicago-NW Indiana area in the middle 60's. Moved to Florida after college and played in a rock band there. Have played in a country/southern rock band and Mandolin in a bluegrass band since. Quit playing out 20 years ago. Now I play and record at home. Do some songwriting and like to play intstrumental versions of the old standards. Was looking for this type of sound for that music. I only play through a Roland Micro Cube amp I bought recently and use the record out jack to the computer. I really am impressed with the sounds of this guitar. It is just what I was looking for. I had looked at an Epiphone Dot, then found this on eBay and after reading the reviews here and at couple other sites, decided to save a couple hundred dollars and give the Turser a try. It exceeded my expectations. I believe it sounds better than the Epiphone I tried at Guitar Center. I've never tried the real Gibson 335, so cannot compare it to that, but for my purposes I can't see how spending 10 times as much could get me 10 times more than this guitar does. All and all, this guitar gives me the mellow semi-archtop sound that I had wanted. Provides a sound that my other guitars can't.

Reliability/Durability : 10
I don't play out live at the present time, but have in the past during a 30 year span. I would certainly trust this for playing out live. It seems to be a solidly built as any guitar I have owned. I am very careful with my instruments and treat them them gently. Strap buttons seem solid enough. I am older and not likely to be jumping around a stage anytime soon! No opinion about using without a backup, never have used a backup in the past and never had a problem. Maybe just lucky or stupid! I believe this guitar will last as long as any with proper care and lack of abuse.

Customer Support : No Opinion
This guitar has a lifetime warranty. I have owned numerous guitars over my nearly 60 years of playing and had never had to use a warranty service. So, the fact that they are willing to backup this guitar for lifetime gives me the feeling that THEY trust the quality of their guitars enough to offer that. That is enough for me. Never used it, have no reason to think I would have to, so cannot give a rating.

Overall Rating : 10
I have been playing, as I said, for nearly fifty years (scary!). My first real guitar was a 1959 DanElectro double cutaway (being reissued now) that I sold when I bought a Fender Jazzmaster new in 1964 (sold that when I was young with four kids and needed the money many years ago)..still regret that decision! I now own a number of instruments, a Peavey T-60 electric guitar, a Sigma DM-18 acoustic, a Sigma DM-12a (12 string Acoustic), an Ovation Applause electric bass, a Washburn 5-string banjo, an F-5 mandolin (I hand made myself), a Washburn C-80S classical guitar, a 3/4 size Ovation guitar, and my latest is a Jay Turser JT-300 (strat copy) that I bought after being so happy with the quality of this Jay Turser JT-133! I compared this guitar to the Epiphone Dot that I tried out at Guitar Center and feel like a got a better guitar for $200 dollars less (which prompted my strat copy purchase (got both for less than the price of the Epiphone Dot!) I really like the looks and sound of this guitar. It is now the guitar I use the most. The neck is perfect for the jazz chords that are required in the music I have been playing. Thin neck makes reaches easier for my fairly short fingers. This, as it turns out, is the guitar that I always wanted. Always had liked the looks of the Es-335's, but price was always out of my range. Only a money making professional could justify the difference between this and the Gibson for the cost differential. I feel like this is by far the best deal I have ever gotten on a guitar. I feel like I got the best of this deal. It's hard to believe that it is possible to get a guitar of this quality for what this costs. If it were lost or stolen (not happening) I would certainly want another to replace it. At my age I have seen the cost of things go up so much that it is just amazing to me. Equally amazing to me is that I could get this nice a guitar for what this cost me. When I was young (many years ago) in inexpensive guitar was nearly worthless, nearly unplayable, and sounded terrible. This is a quality instrument for a very reasonable price. As I said, I already bought the Turser Strat copy after seeing this guitar.

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by: MusicLandCentral

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